Business Consulting

In today's world , it is essential to reduce overall costs, minimize risks and execute on-time work that are designed to perform with operational efficiencies –King Technology Solutions is a trusted advisors that can help you meet these goals

Digital Transformation

Digital Market has lot of challenges, opportunities & risks. To maintain the speed most of organizations are adapting new business models & processes that create remarkable value to customers & employees. King Technology Solution’s digital transformation platform,helps you to adapt faster,implement faster in short span of time..

Mobile App Development

We have developed apps for the different domains including IT, Retail, Education, E-commerce, Advertising, Healthcare,Manufacturing, Telecom, News, Multimedia, Weather, Banking, and Agriculture. Our mobile application development team has implemented apps for various categories such as SMS gateway, E-commerce with payment integration, Hybrid, Web-based, HTML5 etc..


IOT makes our world simpler & easier by connecting as possible as together.Nowadays we almost have internet infrastructure.This integration processing,visualization & enterprise application integration etc.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing do advertising through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps.


E-learning allows you to learn anywhere and usually at any time, as long as you have a properly configured devices like computer, laptop or mobile phone. This can be via Internet, network, or standalone computer.